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Revisiting Nigerian Supply Chain Is A Solution To Recession – Yomi Bello

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A concerned Nigerian citizen contacted me last night and tabled his views on how cutting short the supply chain in Nigeria can help make our economy better, he wants us all to look into his view hence the reason for this post.

Dear Nigerians,take a chill pill, read his full thought below and drop your comments.



The recent hike in the price of goods and commmodites is due to the long supply chain of consumable goods, we have too many retailers, the number of retailers circling these products are too much that they re-sell products by adding their own retail price so as to gain profit outrageously from either selling in packs or dozens.

The cost of living is high currently and this is no longer news,but the major factor that led to the rise in the purchase and exchange of goods and services is blamed on the market instead of the citizens involved in this.

Before an end product is made here in Nigeria, machines, technologies, power, labour, transportation and services are all required to get it to the end user (consumer).

So lets re-visit the supply chain;the medium these products pass through before getting to the end users (consumer) which consist of ; you and i, the producer himself/herself before going through suppliers, retailers and other sellers in The market so as to help ourselves.

From the above it can be denoted that we citizens are the one really killing ourselves because of our corrupt practices of inflating product prices than neccesary, but we still end up putting blames on the government because they are our leaders meanwhile the great responsibilities lie among we citizens as we are at the receiving end . So lets stop tha act of selfishness and also  try to reduce the supply chain.

What do you think about his view? Do you have any solution you want Nigerians to hear as regards this? Kindly share.

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