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THROWBACK: Remember Jessica Cox? The Amazing Lady Who Became World’s First Licensed Armless Pilot

Amazing people have been breaking records despite obvious challenges for a long time, ten years ago Jessica Cox who despite born without arms made Guinness record in 2008 by emerging the first licensed pilot without arms. We choose to celebrate her today.

Despite being physically challenged Jessica Cox made up her mind to become somebody to be reckoned with at a tender age, further proving her desire by dropping her prosthetic arms at the age of 14 and using her legs to do the basic human things such as eating, typing at 25 words per minute and driving an unmodified car.

Jessica Cox
Jessica Cox

Determined to prove to the world that she can amount to something great, she started training in taekwondo and got her first black belt at age 14 and has since added a second and third degree to her accolades, becoming the first armless black belt holder in the Arizona Taekwondo association,even going further to earn the title of Arizona taekwondo state champion in 2014.

She got admitted into and later graduated from the University of Arizona in 2005 with a degree in psychology and a minor in communications but decided to follow her dreams to become a pilot, a no mean feat for regular humans with complete limbs.

In 2008, she broke the Guinness world record by emerging the first licensed pilot without arms and is also a motivational speaker on the side, sharing her life experiences and struggles across different countries in a bid to inspire others who think their physical challenges is a limitation to what they can become.

She won the US inspirations awards for women in 2012 and has been tagged the most aspirational woman alive.

We Celebrate You Jessica Cox!!


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