From A Rejected Child To Motivational Speaker: The Inspiring Story Of Deborah Funmi Mupapa

Deborah Funmi Mupapa, a renowned women’s rights activist, philanthropist, inspirational speaker, gospel singer and entrepreneur is a living source of inspiration to those who are going through emotional challenges and think they can’t become a great person.

Abandoned by her mother at the tender age of 2 to marry her second husband, Deborah had to live with her grandmother who looked after her from age 7, before she passed on due to old age, forcing her to live with an unknown family who used her as a housemaid and made her eat dog leftovers and sleep in stalls.


Deborah Funmi Mupapa
Deborah Funmi Mupapa

She was reunited with her mother at the age of 12 and had to live with her, against the wishes of her second husband who maltreated her whichever way he liked and abused her sexually.

Faced with severe rejection, emotional trauma and no help in sight, she struggled from hand to mouth to source for funds which saw her through her higher institution.
With constant self motivation and inspiration from Oprah, she underwent years of emotional healing after which she decided to found ’empowerment of African Women’ an NGO which is aimed at helping women who are facing similar challenges and ensuring their rightful and dignified restoration to the society as equals of men, contrary to what they have been made to believe.


Through provision of proper education, micro-enterprise, jobs and skill acquisition programs, this organization have been helping, as well as Inspiring women and young girls alike since its inception in 2008, pushing them towards exploiting their full potential and achieving their dreams.

“As a woman, we need to believe in ourself as a pillar to build a solid foundation and to embrace the power in us that can make a change. We need to let go of what the world is painting women, they women are not capable of doing the work that is required at the top” she said.

We Celebrate You Deborah Funmi Mupapa

Source: Guardian

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