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Reasons Why You Need To Have A Business Mentor As A Young Entrepreneur

As a young entrepreneur, the biggest benefit of having a business mentor is so you can have someone to ask questions and get advice from. As a new and young entrepreneur, you are likely to get more advice than you ask for from people like family members, friends, or even the people who own the store next door.

While some of their advice may be sound, your mentor can help you sort out which you should follow while advising you on more complicated business matters that your friends or family would not know how to solve.

Here are some tips on reasons why you would not a business mentor as a young entrepreneur.

Increase your business knowledge and experience

They already have the experience because they have been in the business longer than you and they have built up so much knowledge and experience overtime, so it makes it easy for them to give you sound advises and knowledge out of the wealth of theirs.

Once you launch into your own business, there’s no boss to turn to for advice or direction when you’re in a pinch. maybe not even any employees yet. Everybody needs a good reliable sounding board, second opinion, and sometimes just emotional support when the times get tough.

Improve your problem-solving abilities.

Mentors are not like advisers and consultants, who care only about the business venture. Instead, business mentors help you develop your business skills. For example, if your employees are constantly complaining that they don’t understand project directions, your business mentor can work with you to help you improve how you communicate with your staff.

This way, you will have a better understanding of how to communicate with your staff both now and in the future; and with time, your ability to also solve problems based on the knowledge you gained will increase and and make you better at what you do.

A different perspective

Business mentors can help you look at problems and situations from perspectives that you would not have thought of on your own. For example, as a new business owner, you may have trouble looking at your business through the eyes of a customer, potential investor or government official.

Your business mentor, who has dealt with these people often, can help you understand how your business will look to these individuals.5. Develop your leadership skills.

Widen your network of business contacts

Your mentor, being an experienced business person, is likely to have an extensive network, and can offer you access to far more senior decision-makers than you currently have. And they will be far more willing to open that network up to you than some casual acquaintance from a networking meeting.

Having a business mentor really goes a long way in increasing your knowledge of the business world and how you would apply these derived knowledge to excel in your chosen industry.

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