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Reasons Espact Should Take Care Of Your Business’s Media Planning And Buying

Media planning is an essential part of any marketing strategy. As a business owner, not only should you be thinking about your day-to-day plan, but you should also be thinking about your overarching goals into the future.

The objective of media planning is to identify the ideal combination of media outlets for marketing a product, service, or brand. It involves market research, identifying target audiences, analyzing their propensity to engage with your business, planning your marketing execution, and working with specific marketing budgets.

Successful media plans require strategic balance. Today’s customers interact with dozens of mediums on a daily basis. Your business goal should be to meet them at as many of these points as possible. 

A lot of these touch points will be online, but others will be offline, like television, radio, or print. Media planning uses data, research, and previous experience to deduce the optimal mix of all these platforms.

At Espact, our media planners will first speak with your business leaders to understand your key objectives and goals. One of the first objectives of media planning is to ask probing questions about your business, what you offer, who your current customers are, and what your customer’s motivations seem to be.

Once this initial fact-finding discovery conversation is complete, a media planner will conduct external research. Our media planners will gather and analyze insights about your marketing region, research current industry trends, analyze what your competition is doing, identify the ideal target audiences, and strive to understand where those audiences are most active.

This manner of analysis is where marketing meets intuition and experience. This stage is where our experienced media planners at Espact delve into the nuances of their research and audience behaviors. These behaviors include where they go for information, what other products and interests they share, and why they interact with specific media channels. TV, Radio & Print vs. Online Channels

After identifying the target audience and their habits, the next objective of media planning is to determine the best media outlets on which to place your advertisements. Our media planners decide how much of the marketing mix should be on traditional media like television, radio, or print. They also figure out how much budget allocation goes to online channels like paid search, social media ads, display, and video campaigns, or even email marketing.

Consumers experience and engage with content in a multitude of ways, both traditional and digital. Our job is to find the ideal media mix for your target audience across all media channels. 

Once channel selections are final, one of the final objectives of media planning is to reach out to traditional media outlets with RFPs. They also give digital media buyers the plan for the digital platforms, this way, you can set up the online campaigns through all the digital channels.

Not every agency is skilled in performing effective media placements in both traditional and digital media. Thankfully, our media buying team at Espact has more than three decades of experience executing successful media buying strategy and placements.

All of our marketing services, including social media management and search engine marketing are handled in-house, which is something you want to look for should you decide to engage the services of a firm to help you with your media buying planning and digital media strategy.

A firm with all its media buying services in house helps ensure your market research doesn’t get lost in translation. You want to make sure your brand remains consistent over time; that each and every tactic is synchronized to achieve the goals of your marketing campaign. Most importantly, you want to ensure your campaign is drenched in research and fine-tuned over its execution to drive optimal results.

All media buying efforts should be focused on increasing your conversion rate and decreasing your cost per conversion. Set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals at the start of your campaign to serve as benchmarks for your media buying strategy and to guide the implementation of your tactics.

You can work with Espact team to help you with your media buying and planning. Kindly reach out to us today, through call/ WhatsApp: +2348081553042. You can also send us a mail:

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