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QuickBus Launches In Nigeria, Other African Countries, Targets InterCity Travelers

Online marketplace ticketing system, QuickBus, has expanded its presence in Africa with its operational launch in Nigeria, and other African countries as it is set to target intercity travelers.

The startup was founded by Humphrey Wrey in 2018, starting its operations in Kenya, it further extended its presence to Angola, South Africa, and Uganda, and has now launched operations also in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa respectively, becoming the most popular site for booking buses in Africa.

QuickBus aggregates booking for all major bus operators to create greater simplicity for travellers. Dozens of payment providers across Africa have been integrated to give a seamless customer experience whilst reducing “cash” fraud for the Bus Operators.

QuickBus solution is vital on a continent where most of the population travel by road. Nigeria’s busiest airport only recorded 4.25 million domestic travelers in 2018 – less than 5% of the population, emphasizing the popularity of road travel. Despite this, travelling across Nigerian states by road is primarily a manual process.

“Nigeria is a critical location, especially for this kind of business. The bulk of the intra-city road transportation in Africa happens in Nigeria, and that’s because Nigeria is the most populous African nation in the world, the potential for business is huge, and there’s no solution to any problem facing Africa that doesn’t involve Nigeria,” said Wrey on his decision to launch in Nigeria.

QuickBus offers a ticketing service that lets customers buy tickets, book seats online, and with options for different operators in the space, so passengers can choose which works best for them.

According to Olumide Akinsola, the company’s Group VP of Growth and Marketing, the company’s goal is to get Africans moving from City to City by road in a way that’s stress-free, efficient and enjoyable.

He mentioned that , “This can’t happen without transport operators moving from their current informal setup to a point where they scale with intelligent business solutions. It’s not just a promise; it’s the new reality for our customers in Kenya, Angola, Uganda, Zambia, and our other locations.”

Akinsola said that while a few transport companies now have websites that allow customers book seats, it remains a tricky experience as some customers after booking seats online arrive at the bus terminal only to be told that their seats have been taken.

QuickBus is going to solve this by providing booking channels such as USSD, WhatsApp, and agency banking.

Akinsola added that “In Nigeria, the transportation business is tricky, with many transporters closing operations in under three years. Finding customers, ensuring a great user experience, preventing theft, and staying competitive are challenging responsibilities to juggle.

“Many operators know that the transport business, which is still primarily analogue, needs to change, and QuickBus provides these operators with a route to ensuring they get business intelligence form their operations, which adds value to their business.”

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