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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business

Starting a business will fundamentally change the way you live your life forever for the positive. In starting a business, it might look exciting but upon planning there are some questions you need to ask yourself starting a business

Here are some thought provoking question you need to ask yourself before starting a business

What is the reason?
List down all the reason that pushed you want to start a business. Go through them one by one. Look for the strongest and most compelling to survive a major drop in quality of life in other areas.Your reason might be attached to the very specific idea you want to give life to.

How do you define success as an Entrepreneur?
Are you working towards your first Million? Or dreaming of a company that is a great place to work for over 100 employees? These questions will serve as guide when forming the structure of the business

Do you need to upgrade your mindset?
Take a stock of your mindset. What are limiting beliefs that needs to be gone? What are new, empowering beliefs should be added ? How can you adapt the mindset that you need to be successful as an entrepreneur?

•Do you need to change your habits?
How will your life as an entrepreneur look like in the first month, the first year and in general? What are bad habits you need to kick? What are good habits you should imbibe. Take stock of your daily routine and design it for the kind of focus, productivity, mental clarity and relaxation you need as an entrepreneur.

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