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Piggyvest Is The First Online Savings And Investment App In West Africa

The savings and investment habit has been something that people are admonished to do in Africa, taking out those spare cash or a part of your income and saving or investing it.

Piggyvest is a pacesetter in this regard, they were the first online savings and investment app in west Africa.

They started on the 7th of January 2016, strictly as a savings platform only, under the name Piggybank, before diversifying into investment as well. The name was officially changed in 2019 to PiggyVest. Currently, the piggyvest app is functioning in the different countries in West Africa, giving mouth-watering offers to customers to encourage investment and savings habits with the little amount that ordinary youths can afford to invest and save.
In a bid to boost the saving culture PiggyVest App offers different categories of saving and investment options, with an option where you can save any money you don’t want to touch for a specific period of time and you would be restricted from it even if you get tempted to.

Right now the online savings and investment platform is a lot in the society but we can boldly say that the pioneers of the platform in west Africa is piggyvest and their impact has increased the savings habit of youths in West Africa, giving them an easy, quick and comfortable way to save.

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