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Paystack Founder Shola Akinlade Shares 5 Top Rules For Startup Success

Shola Akinlade is the CEO and co-founder of Paystack, a company that processes over 50% of all online payments in Nigeria and accelerate growth for businesses in Africa helping them launch new business models.

Here are the tips given for startup sucess by Shola Akinlade:

Focus On What Matters

When you’re growing a business or starting a company, you have to focus on what matters because, there are so many things that feel necessary to achieve as a business owner by following two principles of focusing on your product and also talk to your customers.

Be Ambitious

As an enterpreneur, you need to be ambitious to solve big problem because you have to thrive in a business environment where you see more young people like you doing great things, and this will really help you build the confidence to solve big problems.

Be A Problem Solver

An enterpreneur must have the capacity to build and strategize on how to be a problem solver something. Enterpreneurs that understand technology need to start building products that can solve problems on the continent because if we don’t, no one else will.

Think Big

The key mindset of thinking long term about your business requires patience, learning, growing and even believing in yourself. You must think well and understand what it takes to be a successful enterpreneur around your continent.

Perfect Your Investor Pitch

As a founder or Business owner trying to raise capital, you must be able to articulate the most impressive points about your business. When interacting with investors, you must be very clear and not try to bore them with your startup stories, you must say something that will catch and interest the attention of your investors.

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