No Successful One Is Just Lucky, You Have To Be Worky

Successful individuals are not just lucky, a lot of effort was put in to bring them where they are today.
In every country, there are great brands yet the best stands out.
If you think it is just ‘LUCK, ask those whose enterprises have become Empires or rather the geniune first class graduates.
They will enligthen you on the extra hours they had to work or study to come out the best.

They didn’t just set the goal, they worked hard to make it reality.

If you want to know someone who spent hours thinking of how to be innovative, ask Mark Zuckerberg.

Oh you want someone within? Why not ask Linda Ikeji and she will tell you how she had to try over and over again till what started as a hobby became the most successful and widely visited blog.

Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji

Dreaming is good, planning is wonderful but it becomes a crime if you don’t work on it

“If your dream don’t scare you, it’s not big enough”, Ellen Johnson Sir Leaf said.

The beautiful towers you see and admire today weren’t rushed
They were built painstakingly, brick by brick, till a sturdy structure was built.

Great people aren’t known for their ability to think and day dream
They are known for their ability to think outside the box.

Our most recent guest, Asiri Comedy said in the motivatonal interview we had with him that thinking outside the box is now outdated, you have to go extra miles to create your own unique box to be successful.

Brace Up Great Minds! We Want To Celebrate Your Success Very Soon!

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