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Nigeria’s Toni Iwobi Becomes First Elected Black Senator In Italy

As always we are excited to share another history made by an Italian based Nigerian, Toni Iwobi which Nigerians and Africans proud. With the election of Toni as a senator, Italy now has a Nigerian as part of her lawmakers.

Toni Iwobi who was voted in the industrial city of Brescia in northern Italy is an IT entrepreneur, he  has spent 38 years of his life in Italy and he belongs to the anti-immigration League.


Before his new appointment, Toni has once emerged a town councillor back in 1995.
He wrote: “Friends, it is with great emotion that I inform you that I have been elected Senator of the Republic! After more than 25 years of battles in the great family of the Lega, another great adventure is about to begin!

Toni Iwobi
Toni Iwobi

“My thanks go to Matteo Salvini, a great leader who led the League to become the first center-right force in the country! Then I have to thank my national secretary Paolo Grimoldi, my now former provincial secretary and new deputy Daniele Belotti, the whole team of the department for the work done in recent years, the militants of the great league and all the Facebook friends for their support . I can not forget my family, without them I would not have arrived here today, because they never stopped supporting me and being close to me!

Thanks thanks thanks! I’m ready, friends!”

The 62 year old Nigerian born came to Italy on a student visa 38 years ago, before going on to marry an Italian woman and start his own IT company there.

Campaigning with the slogan “Stop Invasion”, Iwobi said his concern isn’t just for Italians but for migrants, who the League claims it prefers to help “in their own home” rather than in Italy though its “Italians First” programme contains few proposals for international development aid.

Despite being one of very few black members of the League, whose leader has made many inflammatory remarks about non-Italians and Muslims, Iwobi insists that the party isn’t racist. “Racism means thinking yourself better than others, while in the movement I find many firm positions, but also a lot of respect,” he told the Corriere della Sera.

He was quick to defend fellow party member Attilio Fontana, who caused outrage during the campaign by saying that immigration to Italy threatened the survival of “our white race”.

“Where’s the problem,” Iwobi asked, claiming that Fontana had simply been referring to Italian “culture”. Fontana went on to win his campaign to become president of Lombardy, Italy’s most populous region, by a margin of 20 percent.

We love the great impact Nigeria’s Toni Iwobi has made in the diaspora, we believe over there should emulate him and make us proud back home.

We Celebrate Toni Iwobi For His Great Feat

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