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Nigeria’s Stephen King Promotes Nation’s Cultural Heritage In Diaspora

As Nigerians are exhibiting traits of excellence around the globe and generally setting trends for other Africans and citizens in diaspora, some are promoting the nation’s cultural heritage, further promoting the nation’s international profile.

Stephen King, a Nigerian-born, Denmark-based movie producer and director is chipping his bit towards improving the nation’s profile and is set to launch a Nigerian cultural heritage carnival.

Stephen  King
Stephen King

As a way of promoting the Nigerian culture to citizens in diaspora, this Nigerian producer is set to launch a carnival which would hold from May 2nd to 5th, a first of its kind in the region.

“we want to bring Nigeria closer to them and let them know about our country. Scandinavians are afraid to invest in Nigeria. If they know about us, there is a higher possibility that they will invest in Nigeria and do things with our people. ” he said.

According to him, the event would feature Nigerian dance, music, films, drama and others that will perfectly depict the Nigerian culture and would help in the ingegration and cultural diversity by creating an African platform where these foreigners get to share in our culture and appreciate it further by investing in it.


The carnival would be a first of its kind in the region and a special business forum would be created for Africans entrepreneurs and business me who have outstanding services to render to the Scandinavian business community.

Proposals have been accepted by the federal ministry of information and culture and arrangements have already in progress, in high anticipation of the event. Well done!

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