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Nigeria’s Omovigho Brume Emerges Best Student At World Maritime University

Nigerians are not just creating notable marks in within the country, this mark of excellence is spreading across the world! An example is Omovigho Brume Edeku, a female Nigerian naval officer who recently emerged the best student in the World Maritime University.

Following this amazing feat, the Delta state born was awarded the Pierre Leonard prize for the best female student, as well as the best student in the prestigious school, astounding everyone present at the event.


The world maritime university, a prestigious school for the military, established in 1983 by the international maritime organization, is a postgraduate institution that is focused on teaching students on the goals of international maritime. It is a branch of the United Nations which is specialized in handling maritime matters and also in grooming excellent officers on a true and honest path on the continuous fight for justice and protection of the country.

It however came as a huge surprise when a female, Nigerian, Omovigho who was admitted along with other Nigerian officers to be educated in international maritime matters emerged best student 2017 of the entire institution having thousands of students, a notable feat in the history of the school.

Congratulatory messages are in order for the genius who has just made Nigeria proud, extending a stamp of excellence not just in the history of our nation, but also across the world.

Well Done Omovigho, We Celebrate You!

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