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Nigeria’s Olabanke Adele Builds Software That Speaks ,Understands African Languages

Nigerian born Olabanke Adele has joined the list of Africans who have created innovative concepts for our present and unborn generations to utilise.
35 year old Olabanke recently built a software application that speaks and understands all African languages. Wow! isn’t this amazing?
Olabanke Adele holds a PhD in Bayesian signal processing in Cambridge University and was a natural science foundation graduate research fellow in said university as well as a Tau Beta Pi honors fellow.

She is definitely putting her great knowledge into good use by building the one thing that is bound to improve the level of literacy and also bridge the communication gap in Africa.

Founder of AJA.LA studios, the female genius built a software that can digitalise, as well as understand African languages. With voice recognition and speech synthesis, the software was built to understand African languages, especially as commercial application or academic research on African languages have been limited.

Olabanke Adele
Olabanke Adele

According to her, the aim of the software is to open up more opportunities for African with low literacy levels and also for those who don’t speak English, in order to bring them up to date with digital revolution.

Earlier this year, Adenle was shortlisted among great innovators from nine African countries. She was tagged one of the most impressive based on her voice recognition and speech synthesis software built for the easy understanding of African languages.

We Celebrate You Olabanke Adele

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