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Nigeria’s Nneka Ede Becomes First African Woman To Own European Football Club

Nneka Ede , a business tycoon and sport enthusiasts made history by buying portugese club Lusitano Ginasio Clube, Futebol, SAD, making her the first African woman to own an European club and the second Nigerian to own a Portuguese club.

In a statement from Nneka Ede she expressed her excitement and hopes that her new adventure would help deepen the already great sporting relations between Nigeria and Portugal, providing a pathway for young Nigerian talents to develop and rise to stardom.
Abraham Adelaja, A Nigerian striker is a team member of the club
Lusitano VRSA , this development is good news for youngsters with passion for playing football professionally as they now have a foreseeable platform to grow and develop into stardom, if they are prepared for the task.

Lusitano Ginasio Clube, Futebol, SAD is a big club that have existed for 108 years, they are currently in the third division league, Campeonato de Portugal.
Mrs Nneka Ede is a sport enthusiast and this made her delve into the sport industry. Before the final agreement and purchase, she followed the football club religiously, watching their matches and following up on statistics before she took the step for the purchase of the club.

The Nigerian mogul was finally accepted into the club after series of assessment and considerations with a pro that Nigeria flag and that of the club are similar with the green and white color. She owns 100 percent shares ownership of the football cub giving her total right and control over it.

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