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Nigeria’s Mowalola Ogunlesi Chosen To Style Barbie For British Vogue

A renowned Nigerian Designer Mowalola Ogunlesi has been selected as one of the six designers commissioned by British Vogue to dress Barbie.

Mowalola grew up not having a Barbie doll or at the very least wasn’t pining for one. It’s been sixty years since the doll was first released and to commemorate the global impact it’s had as well as its evolution over the years, British Vogue has enlisted the help of six young designers, including London-based designer Ogunlesi, to celebrate the diversity of the doll range.

The internationally renowned Lagos- born designer has styled  Solange Knowles for her Daze Magazine coverSkepta‘s 2018 “Pure Water” music video, Nike’s popular World Cup kit (which was recently relaunched this year) to Grammy award-winning rapper, Drake, sporting one of her custom jackets in the past, Ogunlesi is certainly a trailblazer in the industry. More recently, British Vogue has commissioned Ogunlesi and five other designers to dress the iconic Barbie doll in their own signature styles.

Speaking to Vogue about her signature design for Barbie, Ogunlesi said, “Mine is a world where everyone is free in terms of what they wear, in terms of how they think, and my women aren’t threatened by anyone—they are taking back their power.” She added that, “She [Barbie] is a Mowalola superhero. [She’s] strong, captivating and ready to have a really good time. I want to be wherever she’s going.”

Ogunlesi’s Barbie design, a neon green tie-dye ensemble, is a part of her SS20 collection.

Ogunlesi was selected alongside five other designers; Matty Bovan, Richard Malone, Art School, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and Supriya Lele.

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