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Nigeria’s Jude Igwemezie Wins $500 Million Dollars Contract To Build Monorail Network In Iraq

A Nigerian man identified as Jude Igwemezie has won a contract of $500 Million dollars to build a monorail network in Iraq.

Jude is a Canadian based engineer who heads  Trans-Globim International, the engineering company that won the bid.

He is a patriotic Nigerian who believes in using his expertise to develop his country. He was reported by NEXT to have said he has engaged in a back and forth communication with the Nigerian government to embark on railway projects to enhance development in the area of transportation but nothing came out of it. He further revealed that the contract he won in Iraq did not take more than two months.

Mr Igwemezie’s contract entails constructing a viable rail transportation network that will link 3 historic mosques in the city of Najaf. These mosques are: Imam Ali, Kufa and Sahle.

He further revealed that this project is expected to be completed in three years and scheduled to be in two phases.

The first phase will cover the design, contsruction and operation of the system while the second phase involves the expansion of the system and its extension to the Najaf airport.


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