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Nigeria’s Isa Odidi Emerges First African To Establish World Class Pharmaceuticals Plant In China

Nigerian Professor Isa Odidi, a renowned pharmaceutical scientist and medical inventor has just launched a world class pharmaceutical plant in China, becoming the first African and simultaneously the first Nigerian to attain this major feat.

News of the launch got to the public hearing after Nigeria’s former vice president, Atiku Abubakar posted a tweet on Sunday, 21st of January congratulating the doctor on his positive achievement that has got the entire world agog at the news.

Professor Isa got his Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), he as also added several certificates to his professional belt, including a M.Sc in pharmaceutical technology, a PhD in pharmaceutics from the University of London and a graduate of the western executive management program.


The Canada-based Professor has gained a number of patents following his outstanding inventions and currently holds the highest number of patents held by any African, all of which have been cited in quite a number of scientific journals, medical papers and textbooks. Unmoved by his success, the outstanding professor continues to develop medical related technology and products that have had a great impact on the lives of Africans and individuals around the world.


Professor Odidi and his wife Amina who were once feautured on CNN  are the founders of Intellipharmaceuticals, a company which is fast changing the pharmaceutical industry. The company is specialised in the research, development and manufacture of inflicted or genetic-controlled disease and is focused on providing an intensive drug delivery system and oral solid dosage drugs.


Professor Odidi’s passion towards bridging the gap between designs, technology, science, innovation and technology in order to induce economic growth is fast turning into a reality.

We Celebrate You Professor Isa Odidi

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