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Nigeria’s e-Commerce startup Heroshe, Is Building A Global Commerce Product For Africa

Heroshe helps Nigerians shop safely from e-commerce stores in the United States and have their purchases delivered to Nigeria. They provide customers with a U.S address ensuring that they are not limited by geography. The purchases are then shipped from the U.S to Nigeria with shipping costs determined by the weight of products purchased. When the packages arrive in Nigeria, customers can either pick them up from the company’s Lagos warehouse or pay for them to be delivered anywhere in Nigeria.

However, this is not all that Heroshe offers to its customers on e-commerce, it also provide a payment wallet and infrastructure to ensure that their customers are not limited by constricting debit card limits imposed by most banks in Nigeria.

Most Nigerians who live abroad or travel frequently are familiar with the experience of being used as personal shoppers to shop from e commerce store for friends and family in need of locally unavailable products .However, not many people would think about turning this into an e commerce business like Osinachi and Chinyere Ukomadu.

After moving to the United States, they were inundated with requests from friends and families who needed help with buying and shipping personal and commercial products from the United States. Initially, they didn’t see it as a commercial business but as a way to help friends with shopping their products; however, the demands from their jobs and keeping up with an ever-increasing demand from people led them to jokingly threaten to charge their friends and family members for their services.

To their surprise, they agreed to pay for the service, and what would later become the e commerce brand, Heroshe was born. Rather than launch immediately, the founders spent a long time studying their customers to get a good understanding of their needs and in 2019, the e-commerce startup officially launched. Heroshe focuses on providing its customers with the best quality of e commerce service.

With a passion to provide opportunities for millions of people who are looking to start and scale their businesses, the startup currently serves over 40,000 users, 40% of which are businesses, who have now been provided with a e commerce platform that enables them to access quality products and logistical capabilities which results in customer satisfaction.

“Our current focus is to solve eCommerce, logistics, access, and payments challenges thoroughly in Nigeria. When we have achieved this, we will begin to look at adjacent markets. Our initial plan is to take the solution we have developed to other African countries with similar challenges. Once we have solved for Africa, we can then focus our attention on other frontier e commerce markets where our solution can have a significant impact. We believe everyone should have access to the best quality products they can affordably access anywhere in the world”, Osinachi reiterates.

Driven by the belief that everyone should have access to the best quality products and e commerce services regardless of where they are, Heroshe plans to expand into other African markets.

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