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Nigeria’s Dr. Charles Akihimen Is Creating A New Dawn In Motherhood

In 2015, Dr. Charles Akhimien founded OMOMI, an app that helps pregnant women and mothers access healthcare advice from their phones. OMOMI, which means ‘my child’ in Yoruba, empowers women with relevant child and maternal health information so they can make informed decisions about the health of their children and families.

The app allows women and mothers to receive instant answers to pressing medical questions by professional doctors within minutes. OMOMI has attracted over 32,000 users to date. As well as being widely used in Nigeria, the app has users in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania, with plans to expand into other parts of Africa and subsequently the rest of the world.

The app also features a community forum that allows users to support each other and share best practice. OMOMI is of crucial importance because up to 80% of its users are estimated to have little or no access to healthcare facilities in their local area. 

The product is targeted at mothers and healthcare professionals. With almost 1000 downloads in barely 4 months of launch, it is already affecting lives. To date, the product has over 400 active users, with most of them being young mothers, middle aged working class moms and house wives who have found the mothers community of the app particularly helpful

Omomi also has a Growth Monitor feature which helps to prevent your child from taking ill. It helps mothers personally check their baby’s health, weight, height, arm size, and provide ready diagnosis on Oedema, Malnutrition and color code etc

OMOMI is part of MOBIcure, a company that uses technological solutions to solve pressing health issues in Nigeria. With millions of mothers all over the world, sharing awesome experiences on child nurturing and its difficulties, and gain great nurturing insights with ever ready doctors on standby to tend to complex and unanswered question.

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