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Nigeria’s Babawande Afolabi Launches New Airline In Lagos

Babawande Afolabi who recently started his new airline and has received the airplanes in Lagos, is set to start up airport operations soon.

Babawande is an American returnee in his 30s. He was an investment banker in the US before he returned to Nigeria to launch his airline, ‘Green Africa’, and has now taken delivery of the airplanes in Lagos.

With the Green Africa, he aims to create an environment where everyone will feel welcomed, valued as individuals and confident that they will be regarded equally.

“We are crafting a network plan that will afford more customers the opportunity to pursue their economic interest or simply spend more time with family & friends”, says Babawande Afolabi, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder Green Africa.

Green Africa also aims to create an environment where employees are treated fairly, irrespective of age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief.

Lagos-based Green Africa took delivery of the first of three ATR 72-600s on April 23, with the second and third aircraft expected to follow soon. 

The airline, which has yet to give any indication of when it will launch operations, has received its Air Transport License from the Nigerian Government and is now in the advanced stages of its air operator’s certificate (AOC) process. 

The Nigerian value carrier Green Africa has released details of its launch network, which includes seven domestic destinations.

Green Africa, on May 11th, named its initial domestic destinations as Abuja (ABV), Akure (AKR), Enugu (ENU), Ilorin (ILR), Owerri (QOW) and Port Harcourt (PHC). These will be served with direct connections from the general aviation terminal at Lagos (LOS) and will begin with affordable air transportation.

“Additional cities within Nigeria will be added as the value carrier scales its operations,” the start-up airline said in a statement.

Through safe, quality and affordable air travel, the airline seeks to profitably be significant contributors to the economic development of Nigeria and the African continent.

“Plans are already underway to establish two more operational bases outside Lagos, to stimulate air travel and provide more options to customers”, the airline further stated.

Green Africa Founder and CEO Babawande Afolabi started work on the Green Africa Airways project in 2014. 

Since then, the startup has been through several aircraft iterations, including a December 2018 commitment for up to 100 Boeing 737-8s, an MOU for 50 Airbus A220s, and a lease deal with GTLK Europe for three Airbus A220-300s before firming its launch with ATR 72-600s.

“Facilities and infrastructures are now in place to support commercial flight and airport operations,” the airline said.

The Lagos-based airline is on a mission to be the quality airline that will better connect people and resources in Nigeria, and further open up the West African seaboard.

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