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Nigeria’s Amanda Azubuike Becomes Brigadier-General In US Army 

Amanda Azubike, a Nigerian woman, has stamped her name in the dossier of history, after being  appointed as the first black Brigadier General of the United States Army at a military base in Kentucky, USA.

It’s no longer news that Africans are breaking records in history on a daily basis , with the likes of Kamal Harris becoming the first black female vice president of the United States, but what’s more fascinating is the fact that a very large fraction of these Africans are Nigerians.

Brigadier Amanda Azubuike

Originally born in London , United Kingdom to African parents , Amanda unlike every normal girl who wanted dolls and dresses for Christmas, had a knack for male dominated activities.  She had her first taste of the US camo uniform in 1994 becoming one of the youngest Aviators in the Aviation Officers Basic Course.

Azubike was first introduced to the US military army when she was in her penultimate year in high school. She enlisted in the army national guard before becoming a citizen in 1989.With an11 years run in the military Aviation sector, her thirst to serve humanity grew deeper hence she enrolled as a public affairs and relations officer.

L-R: Gen. Rainey administering the oath of office to Gen. Azubuike

According to reports, out of 1.2 women and men in the US army, about roughly 300 of them make it to the General Office. Not only did she make it to the General Office but she also got promoted at the top of her class.

Just like the saying goes “what a man can do, a woman can do better” Amanda Azubuike has proven that . It’s safe to say that both Nigeria and Zimbabwean blood in her made her tough and resilient.

Azubuike currently serves as a Deputy Commanding Officer at the US Army Cadet Command and previously served as a Chief of Staff/Senior Military Advisor at the Office of the Secretary of Defense. She was also Chief of Public Affairs at the United States Southern Command, Fort Lauderdale Area, and the Director of Public Affairs, Joint Force HQs-National Capital Region/Military District of Washington.

Amanda Azubuike also served as a Communications Consultant for the National Football League Players Association and a Public Relations staff for the NFL franchise, the Washington Redskins.

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