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Nigeria’s Adewale Wins Bullitt Foundation Environmental Prize For Agricultural Innovation

Cornelius Adewale has just bagged the Bullitt Foundation Environmental Prize on his superb innovations and amazing ideas aimed at improving agriculture as well as making things easier for farmers

Adewale who was raised by his grandmother in Ilesa, Osun State decided to make efforts towards contributing to the family income at age 6 because the hunger faced by them. At tgat early age he started selling palm oil in the market and assisting cocoa harvesters on a nearby farm because of .

He saved up money to go to high school and began exhibiting his green thumb when he turned down an accounting job in an international consulting firm in his junior year to become a farmer. Owning no land, he started farming vegetables on a vacant land near his home.
“If the owner comes, we’ll talk about it” be said.

Eventually, he bagan renting land and grew his farm ploy from 1 to 5 acres.

Adewale’s Achievement

Using the information he picked online, he built an anaerobic composter to turn chicken manure into fertilizer and electricity, and with his proceeds, was able to further his master degree and later his PhD.

In Washington, he is currently helping in developing a free web tool called *Ofoot* which he plans to use as the base for his mobile App, a work in progress, his mobile application will help Nigerian farmers grow more crops using fewer resources. it will also serve as a portal to extensive research and information about organic farming specific to Nigeria’s climate. He also said that with the app, Nigerians will be able to measure the quantity of organic matter in their soil just by taking a picture of it with their phones.

He received the $100,000 award on the 3rd of November,2017 an award for graduate students pursuing leadership positions within the environmental field.

“He came with rave recommendations from his professors who believe he can be a transformational force in agriculture”Denis Hayes, president and CEO of Bullitt foundation said.

Well Done Adewale!We Proud Of You

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