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Nigerians Can Now Order Fuel Online Through UR Fuels

The latest innovation that hits the Nigerian oil and gas industry is UR Fuels, an on-demand app-based fuel delivery startup for both business and individual customers .

Ur Fuels which was incorporated in March 2019 aims to streamline the process of purchasing and obtaining fuel.

The Lagos-based UR Fuels allows B2B and B2C customers to order and pay for petrol, and get it delivered to their office or work. The goal is to help solve Nigeria’s downstream petrol supply challenges.

“Every home in Nigeria has a generator as backup for the inefficient supply of electricity the country is known for. These generators are mostly powered by diesel or gasoline. People have to go to petrol stations every day to buy diesel in jerry cans, which could be a very inconvenient and daunting task,” founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Ugo Nwobodo told Disrupt Africa.

UR Fuels solves this problem by bringing the diesel directly to customers’ homes and offices in its customised delivery trucks. The startup sells a minimum of 15 litres at a time, with the self-funded startup claiming to be the first of its kind in Nigeria.

“We are currently operating in the Lagos metropolis area. We plan to expand our operations to other major cities across Nigeria in upcoming months,” said Nwobodo.

Source : Disrupt Africa

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