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Nigerian Team Invents App That Diagnoses Asphyxia Through Babies Cry

Let’s start today by appreciating an innovative software application created by Nigeria’s Charles Onu and his team of three which is used to diagnose asphyxia in children through the analysis of the baby’s cry.

The startup, popularly known as the ‘Ubenwa’ and founded principally by Charles onu has produced an artificial intelligence system for the early detection of Asphyxia, the third Highest cause of death in children below the age of 5.

Charles Onu, Ubemwa’s founder and principal innovator explained that the machine works by analysing the amplitude and frequency of the child’s cry and instantly provides the diagnosis report of the child’s asphyxia status.

Although detectable in hospitals, most medical centres have difficulties in purchasing the proper equipment owing to its high cost and inadequate electricity supply.

The startup which is fast gaining international recognition has recorded over 95% prediction accuracy with over 1400 pre-recorded baby cries and is currently raising funds to acquire more data and materials in order to improve the device’s accuracy.

The Ubenwa team is currently conducting clinical validation exercises at the University of port Harcourt teaching hospital in Nigeria and also in Canada at the McGill University health centre.

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