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Nigerian Media Personality Bolanle Olukanni Launches Outstanding Documentary For Widows

Today we celebrate prominent Nigerian TV host, event compere and actress, Bolanle Olukanni who recently launched an outstanding documentary on the plight of widows in Nigeria, titled ‘God’s wives’

Inspired by her time with these women at the self worth organisation, an NGO aimed at the empowerment and self improvement of these widows, of which she became a member in December 2016, Bolanle decided to do a documentary on the plight and travails of widows titled ‘God’s wives’, with the aim of drawing the attention of Nigerians to their plight.

“the plight of widows in Nigeria is something that I’m passionate about. I’ve worked with these women over time and I don’t like what is happening to them. the plight of widows is unimaginable in this country ” she said in an interview.

Bolanle Olukanni
Bolanle Olukanni

God’s wives is a story on the loss, survival and hope of widows in Nigeria. It speaks eloquently on the plight of these women who are often cast out of their homes and forced to endure untold hardship , following the death of their spouses.

She started shooting in July 2017 and released the first press screening of the documentary on Thursday, 14th of December, finally launching the concluding screening of the documentary yesterday, 20th of December.

In an interview Bolanle spoke on why she decided on an interview and not a movie. She stated ” I wanted to have the real faces of the people who Nollywood are inspired by”.

She hopes to establish an organisation called ‘God’s wives ‘ and beseeches the government and other well meaning Nigerians to help these women in which ever way possible.

Great Work Bolanle! We Celebrate You!

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