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Nigerian Man Who Invented Hand Washing Device To Combat Coronavirus Gets Offer From Bank

The outbreak of Coronavirus which has left many people around the world in panicking state fuelled the creativity of a young Nigerian man who got an offer from a bank for his invention.

The young man has become a chief executive officer from the opportunity created by coronavirus.


@Swaggzeez1, brought his invention to Twitter without categorically saying if he was the one behind the idea.


Since the spread of the coronavirus across continents, countries, groups and individuals have advocated hand washing as a way of combating it.

However, the inventor saw his opportunity in metal drums, redesigned them to ease hand washing with a possibility of earning a living from his work.

As expected, the young man got some accolades and words of encouragements from those who commented.

Fortunately, the invention has caught the attention of a bank which has volunteered to fund the project.

The bank, non-interest financial institution, said in the comment section: “Good job, keep it up @Swaggzeez1. Thumbs up, in case you need financing we are here for you.”

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