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“Nigerian Government Don’t Know The Impact Of Taking Away Social Media In This Digital Age” – Debo Adedayo (Mr Macaroni)

Nigerian Entertainer, and Youth Activist, Debo Adedayo popularly known as ‘Mr Macaroni’ has shared his opinion on the recent ban placed on one of the country’s biggest and influential social media platforms, ‘Twitter’ by the Nigerian government.

Talks regarding the recent ban of the platform by the Nigerian government and its influence on the people’s day to day activities  has been on since the move was made. 

The Nigerian citizens seems not to be taking it well has claims of it affecting businesses especially in this digital age can’t be overemphasized.

Debo Adedayo emphasized on the need for Nigerian youths to start speaking up and getting involved in the country’s affairs and unity derived from movements organized.

Mr Macaroni also took us through the journey of how he started his entertainment career, being an actor and a comedian. 

He explained that he has always had the personality of standing up for what he sees as right, so, he doesn’t find it difficult being an activist with his already established career.

The Entertainer and Activist shared insights and advice that can help aspiring youths who wished to go into his line of industry as well as activism.

We also got him to play the game of five seconds as well, see how he got 4 questions out of 5.

This is an interview you should to take your time to watch and enlighten yourself while you enjoy.


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