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Nigerian Genius Oyinlola Oluwatobi Joins Team To Build Fastest Next Generation Vehicle ‘Hyperloop’

An intelligent Nigerian man Oyinlola Oluwatobi recently joined the team of intelligent engineers to build a world class train, which is reffered to has the next generation vehicle.

Oyinlola Oluwatobi
Oyinlola Oluwatobi

Oluwatobi who has gained international recognition for this milestone, together with his team were part of the Hyperloop pod competition which is aimed at building an outstanding transport pod.

The competition, an event which started its maiden edition in 2017 was founded by a technology company, known as Space X built and managed by a south-African born inventor, Elon Reeve Musk.

Hyperloop Train
Hyperloop Train

The hyperloop pods are very fast transport devices which use hyperloop system, guaranteed to make tgem arrive at their pre-scheduled location fast, this is completely different from the usual trains.

Oyinlola and his team entered the competition which was aimed at identifying the best individual or team that came up with the best innovation or ideas, emerging winner after beating out stronger competitors from different parts of the world.

The young genius have made the country proud, further stamping the excellence of Nigeria across the globe.

Well Done Oyinlola Oluwatobi! We Celebrate You!

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