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Nigerian Femtech Company Babymigo Aims To Reduce Maternal Death Rate In Africa

Babymigo, an online community that connects expecting and new mothers to resources, doctors, experts and other services is focused on reducing maternal death rates in Africa, due to lack of qualified doctors and access to better healthcare in some urban and rural areas.

The Co-founder, Kemi Olawoye said babymigo was founded to solve the problem of lack of access to affordable healthcare and trusted support network for expecting moms and parents.

“We are the first and only platform that gives access to informed health decisions via messages, an app and a website and our goal is to help expecting mothers get their questions answered by approved and certified medical and child care professionals. Today, our services have reached more than 300,000 users.

The Babymigo team ensures that only qualified health professionals are listed to provide information on the platform, while closely moderating conversations to ensure only correct information is shared.

On the platform, women can ask questions and receive responses from a community of mothers who have gone through similar experiences or they can directly communicate with experts in various specialities. They can also find and connect with various local services around them.

Inability to lactate effectively for breastfeeding and the colour of their baby’s stool are some of the major topics that are discussed on the website. These mothers are eager to know if they think something is wrong with their babies.

Babymigo’s vision to reach more than 20 million women may sound like a challenge considering the factors of operating a start-up in Nigeria. Yet, they believe they are on the right path to make this a reality, and their confidence has been boosted by the several global recognitions they have received.

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