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Nigerian Doctor Tito Daodu Listed Among World’s Top 40 Most Sought-after People

November is coming up as a celebration season for Nigerians, as another Nigerian , Doctor Tito Daodu, has been recognised in the field of medicine on the international scene and how she has contributed greatly to humanity.

The 32-year-old doctor was recognised by AvenueCalgary magazine as top 40 people who are under the age of 40 doing great things.

In explaining why she got the Top 40 Under 40 award, the magazine said the 32-year-old Nigerian is an award-winning researcher and pediatric surgery fellow who has used her expertise to bring down borders in providing surgical service to patients.

Tito is of the strong belief that patients should be able to access a surgeon whenever they need one without anything acting as barrier.

It should be noted that the vibrant Nigerian doctor spent her summer this year in Nigeria researching pneumonia in children even as she created a surgical need assessment program in the country.

The focus of her research in Calgary is to look at the socioeconomic effect on surgical results and access to adequate medical care.

Another thing worthy of note is that the Nigerian doctor got her medical degree in 2013 at the University of Manitoba and has always been passionate about global and children health.

Her shock at how children lose their lives to pneumonia in Nigeria even when the health condition could be easily treated, made her passionate about pediatric care.

The experience made her committed towards developing healthcare system across developing countries, especially in Africa.


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