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Nigerian Couple Who Found ‘So Fresh’ Share Their Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey

Who says couples can come together to work on the same vision and achieve outstanding success in it?
To prove the earlier statement, let share with you the inspiring entrepreneurship journey of Abimbola and Olagoke Balogun, the driving force behind the Nigerian brand ‘So fresh’, one of the top companies in Lagos known for its wide range of nutritious and delicious meal options.

Bilbo and Olagoke Balogun
Bimbo and Olagoke Balogun

With the combination of Abimbola’s Bsc in Law and Goke’s BSc in Biochemistry channelled toward the production of fresh food,a unique food business now popularly known as So Fresh was formed.

So Fresh Building
So Fresh Building At Ikoyi

The business idea was conceptualised by Goke due to his love for fresh foods and his experience in going to the market with his mum as a youth, a most uncomfortable, filthy and noisy experience, he said. He shared the idea with his wife who strongly supported him, eventually becoming the backbone of the business.

They took the first step in 2010 by quitting their jobs and opening a shop in the market where they sold fresh fruits and a couple of fresh vegetables, happily investing their family savings, time and energy.

Things didn’t go as planned however as their goods started spoiling, owing to low customer patronage, causing their debts and bills to accumulate.

Undaunted by this, Goke took to roaming the streets in a bid to promote the business by sharing fliers and doing door-to-door marketing, while Bimbo continued holding the forte at the market.

To their utter delight, things took a positive turn and sales started growing. Even the number of employees increased.

They got stuck again in the dilemma of high sales yet low profit and decides to change tactic by investing into their savings and loans and changing location to Ikoyi where they moved from selling fresh foods into making, fresh, ready-to-eat foods.

So Fresh Food
So Fresh Food

Using influencer marketing, the So Fresh brand grew through careful grooming, love , patience and perseverance and is today known as one of the top companies known for making fresh and healthy foods.

Isnt this just inspiring? With hardwork,perseverance and determination, you would always push through to the success peak of any business or initiative you choose to work on. You should trust on this by now because we have shared lots of similar realistic entrepreneurship journey insights with, this is yet another one!


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