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Nigeria’ Max Chinnah Invents Smokeless Stove That Cooks Food And Charges Phones

At Espact we believe an average Nigerian youth can develop an innovative solution to problems around them, If focused enough to observe and think , 26 year-old Nigerian Max Chinnah has proven this right and made history by inventing a smokeless stove that he patented with his partner, Attigah.

According to Daily Times, the Nigerian inventor, hopes that his piece would help in the saving of lives around the world.

His company called Terraoak is going into producing the smokeless stove at a very large scale, adding that it is a move to ensure a greener environment and reduce the threat of global warming.

The smokeless stove also has another added feature where it can convert heat into electricity and gives out through a USB port to allow for phone charging.

The company is also looking at marketing the product to campers for outdoor recreational activities. It should be noted also that the company is working on an arrangement to distribute 1,000 stoves to rural Kenyan farmers.

Though Chinnah got his degree in computer science, it was the experience he had at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in Miami that impact on his career as an inventor.

He said his strong urge to be an entrepreneur was directed to another path where he could actually do something to impact positively on people’s lives.

Chinnah said that they want their story to inspire people around the world and challenge their entrepreneurial spirit.

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