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Nardus Is The First Indigenous Lemongrass Oil Producer In Nigeria

Nardus discovered a gap in the Nigerian essential oil market and this led to them becoming the first indigenous producers of purely natural and organic lemongrass oil in Nigeria.

Before now, getting lemongrass oil in Nigeria would mean having to import to the country but with Nardus making production of lemongrass oil, getting access to this oil have become much easier and cost effective.

.Nardus Organic Lemongrass Oil have continued to serve as the solution to the many worries that humans are faced with when it comes to hair, skin, health and even maintaining good ambience.

Why Choose Nardus Organic Lemongrass Oil?

Nardus Lemongrass Organic Essential Oil has numerous health benefits which has made it become the admiration of everyone.

It can serve various purposes ranging from skin care, hair care, health care, spa ointment and fragrant.

Some of the benefits of Nardus Organic Lemongrass Oil may include;

• Putting Oily skin under control
• • Purifying the skin
• Acne prevention
• • Night sleep enhancement
• Fighting bacteria
• • Promoting hair growth
• Getting rid of dandruff and flakes
• • Reducing pains and muscle cramps
• Calming digestive disorders
• • Lowering cholesterol
• Regulating blood sugar level
• • For massaging

The benefits of Nardus Organic Lemongrass Oil are not limited to those stated in this article, there are lots of other amazing benefits.

Lemongrass oil being a good fragrant that is perfect for the environment because of the aromatic and healthy fragrance it emits which helps people within the environment that it’s in use to feel relaxed has been infused into the ambient scenting space as Nardus begins to render ambient scenting services.

Ambient Scenting with Nardus is an experience to live with. It is chemical free, great for the health and best for homes, offices, event centers, hospitals, hotels, schools, churches, mosques, etc.

This is a quality service that everyone who is particular about good ambience should look into.

You might be interested in Nardus Organic products, here’s where to find them( IG: @nardusscentsandoils , Facebook: Nardus:Scents and Oils)

Nardus Scents and Oils also is open to wholesale and distributorship plans across Nigeria.

Also note that they can partner with you to offer ambient scenting service at your events, homes, workplace, etc.

For further enquiries; Please reach out through Whatsapp or Call- +2349062822260

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