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Nadjat Belkacem Is The First and Youngest Woman Appointed As Minister of Education And Finance In France

Nadjat Belkacem grew up as a shepherd and now the first and youngest woman to be appointed as the minister of finance and education in France.Isn’t this inspiring? Doesn’t this confirm to you that you can be greater than your big dreams regardless how ugly your present situation looks like?
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Nadjat was born on the 4th of October 1977,her story is like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day and like a tall glass of icy cold inspiration to success thirsty individuals who believe even children from a poor background can be successful.
Uprooted from her home in morocco, she and her parents moved to France, where she was forced to adapt to a country whose ethics and lifestyle was unknown.

Finally making progress by learning French before the end of her first year in college, she graduated with flying colors from the Paris institute of political studies in 2002 and then her winding path down the road of politics began.

Nadjat Belkacem
Nadjat Belkacem

From the socialist party in 2002 and then the ‘team Lyon’, Mayor Gerald Collomb in 2003 which fought against discrimination and laid emphasis on the promotion of citizen rights and access to employment and housing, she rose in the social ladder, painstakingly but surely. Got married in 2005 and became advisor to the socialist party that same year.

In March 2008, Nadjat Belkacem was elected Consiellere generale under the banner of the socialist party and got promoted to French President Francois Hollande’s cabinet as minister of women’s right and spokesman for the government in May 16, 2012.

To further sweeten the icing and crown her relentless struggle up the ladder of success, she became the first woman and youngest person ever at age 36, to be appointed as Minister of Education and Finance in France further proving that dogged determination, irrespective of one’s past or background finally, eventually pays off.As you read this remember we are waiting to celebrate you as well.

We wish Nadjat Belkacem greater success ahead!


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