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My Paddi App Helping Nigerian Youths With Reproductive Health Issues

In terms of having conversations about sexual and reproductive health, an average Nigerian youth is shy to even converse with a health care personnel to state complains. Hence, the development of MyPaddi app by MOBicure Technology was a thoughtful development, one that bridges the gap for such problems.

Mypaddi is an App for young people and its major aim is to actually connect young people with medical personnels. If a young person has questions concerning sexual and reproductive health or even general health, then Mypaddi is the go-to App to start a chat with a doctor or a licensed healthcare personnel.

Since myPaddi app gives young people access to accurate, unbiased and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health information, it ensures
complete anonymity. Everyone on the app has an anonymous profile, hence the identity of the patient and doctor is kept undisclosed. This is to encourage youths to share their problems and experiences without fear .

My Paddi app also has other great features like period tracker, counselling and The Zone – an open question and answer section in regards to any health related issues – for the benefit of the young folks on the app. It educates its users about different topics ranging from rape, sexual abuse, birth control methods as well sales of different sexual health products .

It is a safe space where every youth will has the chance to safely share their problems, get first hand attention from professionals without the barrier of interference. It is also trustworthy, as information is kept strictly confidential.

Lastly, the My Paddi has payment plans that start from as low as N300, this makes it affordable for every youth and dependable. Overall, quality healthcare is delivered.

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