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Morehouse College Becomes First-Ever College To Teach In Metaverse 

The popular quote which says the future is now had never been more right. The world has evolved so much that humans can experience life in ways they cannot in the physical world through Metaverse. Morehouse college has also stepped into the future by becoming the first-ever college to teach in Metaverse.

Morehouse College is an Atlanta based, private historically black men’s liberal art college. The school which is known for its academic prowess, and community impact is the only historically black College and university that serves only black men.

The institution is expanding its historic impact and is the first university of college to bring its curriculum into Metaverse.

According to the director of the Virtual Reality Project and an assistant professor in chemistry at Morehouse, Muhsinah Morris, Ph.D., the metaverse is the perfect landscape for learning where students can visit the past and imagine the future.

According to NBC News, the program will open in the spring and will be led by professor Ovell Hamilton. Students enrolled in the course will enter the virtual 3D space to experience the lives of enslaved African Americans. 

The program, which is a part of theVirtual Reality Project, will be titled “History of the African Diaspora Since 1800.” Students of Morehouse college, who are interested in the virtual program enter into the classroom, pick up a headset and start learning immediately. 

According to Pew Research Center, 54 percent of technology experts believe that by 2040, the metaverse will be a normal part in the everyday lives of half a billion people.

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