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Monologue of a Modern Scribe : Fun and Games

‘Life is good’ the advert was saying when the TV set flickered off
Another power outage and a heat wave of boredom sweeps in.
There was a time when running around publicly in multicoloured panties was fun,
Two decades and some years later, not many have outgrown the fun that comes with exposure;
The social media my alibi.

It’s all fun and games they say
And the nice dorky Nerd gets caged in the friend zone .
Transformed into a bucket to hold the content of her leaking eyes.
She is to her boyfriend a momentary joy, toy and an equipment to box
It’s all fun and games
Till she misses her period for 3 months
Gets rejected by Prince Charming and once again turns to her loyal bucket.
Who endures tales of Charming’s innocence,
And blames aimed at those women whose birthday suit keep staring into Charming’s eyes.

It’s all fun and games and I control myself enough not to shout “Up Nepa!!!”
Two hours have gone past and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend that time.
It’s all fun and games
Even as my hostel colleague comes in with the third girl this week, on a Monday afternoon.
Soon my ears will be filled with animal-like noises resembling  a mix of joyful exclamation and whimpering cries.
It’s all fun and games as I zombie around to search for my headset.
The world sees his gold chains, crazy cut denim and designer shades
I on the other hand, have to see him attempting to cut running water from a tap with a scissors, thanks to Weed.

‘Henshaw, you are too serious, life is fun’
Yet he forgets to say that his is a game.
The church has become so sacred to him that he never goes close
My Christian literature and gifts I sometimes have to dig out from the trash
And that’s when he doesn’t oppose.
Life is fun and many wonder about the gain.
I could tell you but it’ll take me a while to explain
For now, allow me answer to the dishes
They need to bathe.

Written by Harley Henshaw Raleigh

©aletheia 2016

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