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Mistakes Beginners Make With Their Facebook Ads Campaign

If you haven’t yet started Facebook ads, it’s high time you do but there’s a great deal of behind-the-scenes work that first needs to be accomplished. In getting started especially as a beginner there are some mistakes you should avoid.

When creating Facebook Ads , a simple mistake could ruin your the effectiveness of your campaign , here are common mistakes that should be avoided;

Getting the best of your Facebook Ads

1. Slacking On Quality of Creatives & Copy: Nowadays, companies that win with ads are those that have the best creative approach. A compelling video, catchy graphic and magnetic copy goes a long way — it gets potential customers to pay attention.

For example, you could invest in a high-quality, colorful photo shoot for a powerful image, but if the copy is weak, a prospective customer will still scroll pass.

2. Not Defining Your Objective: It’s great if you want to use an ad campaign to spark more awareness about your business or product, but you need to get clear on what your main objective before running the ads.

 This is important not only for how you create the ads themselves, but also for what you select as your ad objective on Facebook.

3. Making Typos or Grammatical Errors:This sounds obvious, but double, triple and quadruple check the copy for your ads.

Typos are an ad killer it would reflect on your results , because the customer question becomes: “What’s the quality of this company’s work if they can’t double check the writing they invested in?”

4. Having Broad Target Audience: Not narrowing down your target audience is another common mistake most beginners make with their ads campaign.

You need to define your audience so your campaign can reach the target audience.

If your target audience is too broad you can end up wasting both time and money. Narrow down your audience target to your niche and it yield results for you faster.

Therefore , it is important that new beginners go deep by perfecting the ad, create urgency and a clear action plan for interested leads, get more eyeballs on it to avoid typos or poorly written sentences and make sure you’re targeting the right demographic, even if it’s smaller than you thought. 

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