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Meet Yannick Nzonde, South African Entreprenuer Who Didn’t Allow Poor Background Hinder His Success

Our background doesn’t determine where and how far we will go in life; it is zeal for success that does. This statement has once again been proven right by 30-year-old, Yannick Nzonde whose poor background spurred him to aim to for success.
He had just 6000 Rands when he started his first business in 2013 which now is one of the multi-millionaire businesses in South Africa.
Now he is the CEO of Consulting firm, Mulundu Investment and co-owner of ATI Congo Group, a solar energy company which offers services to remote areas in African Countries such as Zambia and DRC (Democracy Republic of Congo).

Yannick grew up watching his mother sell traditional jewelry and masks to support himself and his siblings. Because of the ongoing war in Congo, he had to move to Cape Town together with his mother and seven siblings when he was 15. He got involved in menial jobs to sustain his family and by the age of 16, he got a steady job at a restaurant which he alter quitted for a construction job.

He studied Accounting at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology with the saved money he had realized from years of doing menial jobs. He later went to University of Cape Town for a post graduate diploma in Management Practice.
Although Yannick first ventured into a business when he left the university after his post graduate studies, it did not go well because of the already saturated market in South Africa. He ventured into business again and he was quite determined and inspired by his mother to press forward and never give up which luckily for him, thrived well despite starting with little.

Yannick has been named by Forbes as one of 2018 30 under 30 Africa’s Entrepreneur. He believes so much in Africa that he helps to coach and train young people in attaining entrepreneurial skills.

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