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Meet William Sachiti, Man Changing The World With One Tech Innovation At A Time 

Meet William Sachiti, Man Changing The World With One Tech Innovation At A Time

Africans are normally not your first thought or pick when it comes to technology developments , science   or aerodynamics , the world tends to have their gaze fixed on Asians or Germans for such tasks but an African, William Sachiti has  changed that narrative in recent times. 

William  is on a mission to change the world of tech with one innovation at a time.

Zimbabwean William Sachiti is a UK based serial entrepreneur who studied at the Aberystwyth University in Wales. 

The struggle to locate a book in a library gave him the idea to start his company Academy of Robotics, a tech institute that specializes in creating tech solutions to complex tasks .

After struggling to locate books at libraries for years he was propelled to make life easier for other library users by creating the very first robotic library. This is a library where users can just walk up to a robot and request for the exact location of any book of choice and the robot will direct you.

William grew up in both Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. His grandparents were farmers who lived in a small village in Zimbabwe 

In 2000, Sachiti  relocated to England permanently and started working odd jobs like selling double-glazed windows and doors. This subsequently led to a job as a stockbroker. His entrepreneurial journey subsequently began. He launched his first business when he was 19 years old. He started 123 Registration where he sold thousands of websites and domains. Although the startup was doing well, he sold it to an investor.

He then progresses into another line of business of creating Clever Bins, a solar-powered digital advertising bin which was an advertising platform for cities.  He took Clever Bins to the BBC Dragons’ Den. His invention was rejected by the Dragons as the worst idea they had ever heard at the time. However, he went on to license his idea in over 11 countries until the main license for it was finally acquired by someone

He still wasn’t satisfied so he moved on to the next creation  which was a things-to-do company called MyCityVenue. Within three years, it had over 1.6 million users and was later acquired by a company called Secret Escapes while the data was also acquired by a big taxi business.

According to Forbes, Sachiti made millions of pounds from the sale of multiple businesses and invested the money he made in robots. With the never say never spirit of 36- years old  Willam Sachiti , it’s safe to say the sky is just his starting point.

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