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Meet Uganze Ude Kalu, Food Geek Who Turned A Passion Into A Business

We rarely make careers of our passions or take a leap of faith and try to create a profitable niche but that’s what Uganze Ude Kalu did.

The Abia State University-trained lawyer is a restaurant blogger and visibility builder. This is a new niche in Nigeria and she went into it after a few years practicing as a barrister.

Uganze Kalu. Picture: SheLeadsAfrica

Uganze, with her branding firm “Your Food Geek”  helps diners and food lovers make informed decisions about where to sate their palates. With years of hardwork and consistency, she has gained popularity and respect for her opinions. This also has given her clout as word from her can be a boost to an eatery.

According to her, she delved into this quite unique niche because of her love to eat out. “So after years of continuously eating out, I was spurred on to create a guide for the next person. A guide to assist diner owners makes informed decisions on dining out, thereby getting value for their money,” she said in an interview with SheLeadsAfrica.

To do this, she draws on her experience in different eateries, both in open and remote locations.

In her opinion, she provides an important service to those who love eating out especially in an increasingly-competitive restaurant industry. With this, prospective clients are spoilt for choices.

However, though she is making headway, she has not totally made the switch from lawyer to blogger. But her love for what she does keeps the pull of the law at bay.

The desire to be the go-to guide for questions relating to top eateries to eat at and get value for money. For her, she is a bridge providing visibility to restaurants on the one hand and advice to diners on the other.

It has not all being smooth sailing for Uganze. At first, being a unique niche, she did not have the followership nor the audience. She, however, overcame this with consistency. For her, people take note when they see you are committed to and consistent at doing good work.

Uganze is a good example of turning one’s passion into a viable business. Trust and stick to the process.

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