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Meet Ugandan Filmmaker Kemiyondo Coutinho Racking Up Festival Awards With Her Astonishing Film ‘Kyenvu’

For some, she is an acting coach while for others, an actress. Kemiyondo Coutinho has engraved her name on the both local and international movie scene.

Born to Ugandan parents Sheilah and Alex Coutinho in Kampala and later raised in Swaziland, she describes herself as the purest form of storyteller.

Kemiyondo Coutinho has been writing and acting for the African woman since age 17. She is the founder of Kemistry Klass, a content company geared at producing content for film and TV content that changes the narrative of stories about The Continent.

On the already full plate, Coutinho piled more when she nosedived into film making with Kyenvu, a film she wrote, directed and starred in.

More than a decade ago, Tarana Burke founded the #MeToo movement to give Black women and girls in particular a platform to speak out against sexual violence and rape culture.

Ugandan filmmaker Kemiyondo Coutinho is using Kayenvu to shine a light on rape culture, misogyny, harassment and the dangers that women encounter on a daily basis as they go about their lives.

She’s speaking her truth through her explosive short film Kyenvu.

The playwright, actress and director decided it was time to share her viewpoint through her impactful and explosive film, Kyenvu.

Winner of the Pan African Film Festival’s Grand Jury Best Short Film Award and a finalist in NBCU Short Film Festival 2018, Kyenvu is a raw and breathless account of a fearless Ugandan woman’s determination to assert herself in a world where she’s constantly being preyed upon.

Coutinho stars in the film as the young woman who encounters harassment daily and when she finally lets her guard down, she’s attacked in the worst possible way.

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