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Throwback: Remember Ufot Ekong,Nigerian Genius Who Solved 50-year-old Mathematical Puzzle In Japan?


Nigerians have been and won’t stop representing in diaspora or will they? No!, I doubt it. What do you think? Well, as for us, we believe that there are still innumerable feats waiting to be accomplished and achieved by Africans especially Nigerians anywhere they find themselves on planet earth.

Today we are refreshing your mind on the news of the Nigerian boy, Ufot Ekong from Akwa Ibom who solved a 50-year-old mathematics equation dons of mathematics in Japan, which circulated in 2015.

In addition to Ufot’s record-breaking mathematical puzzle solution which he solved in his first semester, is his attainment of the highest grades at Tokai University in Tokyo scoring the best marks never seen in 50 years,

He plays the saxophone and runs a retail wears and accessories shop in Japan called Strictly African Japan.

Ufot is multi-lingual. He speaks English, French, Japanese, and Yoruba fluently. One amazing information about him is that he sponsored himself through university.

He currently works for Nissan and has already patented two products, as well as making an electric car which reaches up to 128 kmph.

During his time at university, Ekong won six awards for academic excellence and graduated with a first class from the department of electrical engineering.


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