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Meet Ufia Aniebietabasi, Brain Behind Nigeria’s First Online Shop For Piggybank

23-year-old Mass Communication graduate from the University of Lagos,
Ufia Aniebietabasi is the face and brain behind Nigeria’s first online shop for piggybank, Kolo Lagos.

The idea which brought the brand, Kolo Lagos to life came as a result of an experience she had while in her final year in Unilag. “I suddenly realized that I had zero savings, not in the bank or even in a piggy bank,” she said in an interview with SheLeadsAfrica.

This realization made Ufia buy a piggy bank for herself and also discipline herself to save money. “I bought one (piggy bank) from a carpenter that was introduced to me by a friend,” she continues. “Since it worked for me, I told my friends about it and everyone wanted a piggy bank so they could save money as well. That was how the journey began.”

Like many businesses, Kolo Lagos didn’t get to where it is today without experiencing some challenges. “The major challenge I struggled with at the start of my business was building brand loyalty,” says Ufia. “It was a new business and with the prevalence of online fraud, most people are scared to make a purchase from an online store.”

“However, as the business grew, people began to trust us enough to refer us to friends and relatives. I have now moved from selling kolos to just friends and family but to people who discover us via the internet. Another big challenge I struggled with was finding artisans who knew their onions, could deliver neatly done jobs, and deliver them on time. I am glad that I have overcome that challenge since I have a particular one I now work with…”

According to Ufia, she began making Kolos crafted and designed in such a way that they promote the rich and beautiful culture in Nigeria and Africa. Asides being colourful and beautiful, the kolos are bringing back the saving culture in a unique way.

We celebrate Ufia for recognising a need and creating a thriving business as a result which is impacting people’s lives.

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