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Meet The Two Friends Who Hawked, Worked As Danfo Drivers To Run Their IT Company

Chimezie Emewulu and Chibuzor Onwurah met each other at Uhere study center where they were both taking computer class. Their friendship blossomed as they became course mates at the University of Nsukka and were posted to the same camp for the mandatory NYSC.

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The idea to start Seamfix came to them while they were in Nysc camp in Lagos state. According to them, the boring camp activities served as a time of reflection for them.
They were ready to give all it takes to go after their dream and passion. They both recounted the entrepreneurial journey as been a tough one. Chibuzor said “Initially, my parents didn’t understand what I was doing. Here I was, a first class graduate letting go of many opportunities available to me. They just couldn’t fathom it, One day, it got so bad that all we had left to eat was two packs of Indomie. But we both knew that this was his way of trying to also support the business.Selling honey in my Youth Corper uniform actually helped me overcome my fear of rejection”.


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Chemezie added: “We — I, Chibuzor and a couple other partners that started with us but later left to pursue other dreams — contributed a total of ₦75,000 (about $500 at the time) from our savings. Our office was the sitting room in our collective flat, with the dinning table as a makeshift desk.But in those days, things weren’t really picking up. It got so bad that even feeding was a challenge. So I started hawking honey we sourced from Nsukka, donning my Youth Corper uniform, at the local market. With that, we were able to get just enough money to fuel our ‘I better pass my neighbour‘ generator so we could code throughout the night. We iterated through that until we were able to raise some money to buy a Danfo that brought us a more steady income that enabled us feed and focus on what we were supposed to do.Technically everybody I knew thought I was crazy. My own dad told me “if you do this, you’re going to need money and when you need money, I don’t have any to give you”.We had to pay our dues. This meant doing some work at grossly under-priced value, just to get our foot in the door.”

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They advice young entrepreneurs to Figure out their vision and what value they want to add to the market, then have the tenacity and the patience to grind it out,they told them not to dwell on the details because that can take them a lifetime of experimenting. According to Chibuzor “If everybody knew exactly what they would turn out to be at the beginning, I don’t think many of us would have started.In all things, anchor your faith in God. We have a very strong belief that nothing we do is of our own power”.

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