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Meet The Tunisian Women Who Jointly Makes Fast Growing Hot Sauce From Home

Instead of sitting at home as housewives, these amazing Tunisian women decided to make their mark by pooling together their resources and culinary skills to produce a specially made hot chilli sauce whose recipe has been passed down from generations.

Najoua Dhiflaoui, together with 150 other women decided to pull together their resources to produce ‘Harissa’, a spicy hot pepper paste used as an extra spice in dishes that has its origin from North African region .

In 2013, small group of women in Menzol Mhiri near Kherouan in rural Tunisia came together to form a cooperative called ‘Tahadi’ the arrabic word for ‘challenge’. They went from door to door to solicit support and banded together to make these local produce, alongside training on the technical, hygenic and commercial faces of the job.

The enterprise, Tahadi has since grown to about 164 people and is currently the first firm affiliated with rural women who work on a flexible schedule.

One of the Tunisian women holding the hit sauce [Source: Daily]
One of the Tunisian women holding the hit sauce [Source:]

With the trade name ‘Errim, these women produce Harris a in a spotless laboratory lined with the necessary gadgets needed to make the paste.

Dhiflaoui, the cooperative manager said ” these work allows women a certain financial independence. It boosts their confidence and enables them assist in the financial aspect of their homes.

Errim Harissa is growing steadily and can be found in most food stores nationwide as well as internationally, including Switzerland and Germany.
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