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Meet This Single Mom Building Generational Wealth Using Her Family Recipe

Debra Sandler is the founder and CEO of Mavis Foods, a family business she started as a passion to build generational wealth. Sandler and her daughter Kiah built a family legacy through a family recipe called Bazodee Caribbean Sauce.

Her business idea was formed after she had told her aunt Mavis to teach her how to make some of the family sauces.

“We don’t always have it in black families,” she said. “I was a good earner, but especially as you get older, you start thinking about, ‘how do I set this thing up that all that I’ve earned long after I’m gone my great, great-grandchildren are benefiting in some way?”

She started her career at Pepsi Co., working in marketing as a vice president. After 13 years working at a beverage company, she was hired by Johnson and Johnson to launch Splenda, which led to a new division within the company to focus on nutrition.

She transitioned from being a vice president to president at the internal startup, this was where her fondness for business models started. After some years at Johnson and Johnson, she left to lead a North American confectionery business called Mars.

She said “This has always been in her plan, she is a planner, and slowly but surely built her board practice from her first board work in 2015 to now sitting on four corporate boards and one private board.

Sandler had gone from running a $4 billion business with 10 factories and 1000s of people to board work, and she had capacity. “I needed some of that capacity because my mom was elderly, and I need to spend time with her and that was howb the idea for Bazodee came about, and Mavis Foods came about,” she explained.

She said spending more time with her family made her see the opportunity of the sauces she had had her whole life. Sandler’s aunt Mavis had made the sauces and sold them to her neighbors and friends. She would later show Sandler how to prepare the sauces. And as Sandler learned about the nuances of the spices used in the recipe, the idea for her business formed, according to Forbes.

Sandler said running her business keeps her current in the consumer package goods industry. At the same time, she is building a legacy for her daughter to continue the tradition.

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