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Meet This 24-year-old South African Student Who Builds Robots From Scrap

Mpho Makutu, a 24-year-old South African student uses the scraps he picks from Johannesburg’s dump sites to build remote-controlled cars and battery-powered robots and cranes.

His recent invention which is a red battery-powered robot that grabs objects and moves them around at the touch of seven different wire levers. It took him two weeks to build the robot from cardboard boxes‚ wires and scrap metal he picked from dump sites

He displays his inventions in the streets of Soweto where tourists pay to see how they invent and create new objects .

He said he started his inventions from a younger age when he uses anything to build things. He recalled getting a beating for removing parts from his father’s music system.

Mpho Makutu added that his dream is to become an inventor so that he can employ people and build important machines like a “plastering machine” that can save construction workers from the risk of falling from tall buildings.

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