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Meet The 16-Yr-Old Black Genius Who Graduated from High School And College In Same Week

Africans will never stop amazing us with their oustanding performance across the globe and Temmy Balogun’s blog wont stop celebrating them, because thats the main reason we are here,we need our readers to be inspired to reach their milestones and break records.

Today we are celebrating Grace Bush a 16 years old black genius who completed a bachelors in Criminal Justice in just three years, starting age 13! She completed with a 3.8 GPA and got her diploma back in September this year. That was about a week before she graduated high school.


Grace comes from a large family, 9 kids in total, and her mother is homeschooling them all. The parents knew they couldn’t afford to put all those kids through college so looked into a high acheiver program where college credits could be earned alongside high school.

Grace attended this program at Florida Altlantic University High School. She had a clear knack for learning and excelled.

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